2024 Hi RockeeZ Road Rally

May 18, 2024


10:00 am - Driver's meeting, 112 N. Rubey Drive, Golden

10:30 am - first car off

2:00 pm - lunch at El Rancho Restaurant, 29260 US Highway 40, Evergreen, CO (Evergreen exit off I-70)




Welcome to the 2024 Hi RockeeZ Road Rally. A Road Rally is a driving tour in the country on paved public roads where a group of teams competes in a very casual family-friendly outing. You will see some beautiful country and face route questions along the way.


The rally will start at 112 N Rubey Dr, Golden CO 80403, and conclude at El Rancho Brewing Restaurant, 29260 US Highway 40, Evergreen, CO (Evergreen exit off I-70).


At registration, each team will receive a rally packet. The packet will include route directions and questions to be answered along the route.  Points are awarded for answering each question correctly and subtracted for each minute, long or short, in completing the course in a calculated time.  


There will be one "Pit Stop" scheduled for the Road Rally. A "Pit Stop" is a pre-designated stop where you will have the opportunity to get out of your vehicle, stretch your legs, and take a bathroom break. 


It is strongly encouraged, though not required, that teams should be of at least two individuals, a driver and navigator so the driver can concentrate on driving safely while the navigator relays instructions and looks to answer questions.




The Road Rally is designed as a family-friendly event with no alcohol permitted before or during the event. The Road Rally is not a race, but an opportunity for you to enjoy the adventure. The rally is conducted on public roads. Any moving violation will result in automatic disqualification for the team. 




 The route instructions are written to help you stay on course. 

  • Follow the instructions as presentedTypically, instruction will either mark that you are on course (i.e. pass the sign reading “Yield”) or take you off the road you are currently following (i.e. turn right at “Yield”). 
  • Follow the main road of travel you are on unless instructions take you off the road.  Because of the curvy nature of mountain roads, side roads sometimes look like they require less turn (i.e. appear straight) than the main road that is curving away. Stay on the main road in such instances.  There are no traps or gotcha’s related to following the main road in such instances.
  • Only through paved public roads will be used. All other roads, including driveways, unpaved roads, private roads, and roads marked “Dead End” or “No Outlet” should be considered non-existent for rally purposes. If you come to an intersection in which the road going straight is dirt, assume that road does not exist and follow the road that is non-dirt.
  • Items within quotation marks refer to the text of a sign, while other items refer to landmarks (a road, church, etc.). For example, Left at “Jones” means to turn left onto any road in the vicinity of a sign reading “Jones” (e.g., “Jones BBQ”, “Jones Rd”, etc.), while Left at Jones requires a left turn at any landmark named Jones (Jones Rd, Jones St, Jones BBQ, i.e. the restaurant itself, etc.) 
  • Signs that require you to look backwards to see them, signs painted on the road surface, signs attached to vehicles, or frequently occurring signs containing names in unreasonably small print (such as names or numbers on mailboxes or utility poles) will not be used. Signs and landmarks may be referenced in part or in full, but the parts must be contiguous.  Capitalization does not need to match. For example, West Old Church Road may be referenced as “West Old Church”, “Old Church Road”, “Church”, “CHURCH”, but NOT “West Church Road” NOR “Old Ch Rd”.  
  • Text in parenthesis () are informational only and are designed to help you keep on course.  
  • The authors of the rally have made every effort to spell items correctly, however there are no traps based on spelling.  If you see an obvious spelling error, treat it as the correct spelling.




Questions will be interspersed among the numbered route instructions. 

  • Begin consideration of a question after completing the previous numbered route instruction. Cease consideration of a question after completing the following numbered route instruction. 
  • Place the answer to the corresponding question in the blank on your answer sheet. Interpret the rules literally. If you believe there is no applicable answer to a question under the guide of these rules, either leave the space blank or print “None”. 


Note, pay attention to the route instructions and questions.   We may (ok, we will) throw in a tricky one or two.




  • Five points will be earned for each question answered correctly along the course. 
  • One point will be subtracted for each minute early or late you arrive at the finish based on a predetermined time (i.e. you are penalized for speeding through the course).   
  • The Pit Stop break time plus the Google Maps travel times will be used to calculate the proper arrival time. 
  • The team with the highest point total wins. 
  • If you feel there is an error in scoring (due to a math error, or disagreement with our answer to a question, etc.) you may make a verbal protest to officials whose decision will be final.