The Free State Bimmer Zs are returning to southwest Virginia to help the Queen City Cra-Zs and the Z Central Virginia Roadster and Coupes slay the Dragon during the ZSCCA National Day of Adventure Driving.  We will meet in the parking lot at 501 Wal-Mart Drive in Winchester, Va, then cruiZe the back roads of West Virginia crossing over into the Old Dominion to Tazewell, running the Back of the Dragon to Marion where we will spend the next two nights in the General Francis Marion Hotel in downtown Marion. Perhaps we will even see a bear like the last time we ran it in the evening. Saturday we will meet up with the other two groups and run the Dragon from Marion to Tazewell. There may be Dragon's Blood and Dragon's Breath wines available at the general store for you vinophiles and we may hit other nearby roads. Sunday we will head home. If you want to meet us in Marion please still register and let us know that you are meeting us at the hotel. If you have questions please give us a call at 443-929-0065 (Gene) or 443-929-0032 (Robin).

  Please call the General Francis Marion Hotel at (276) 783-4800 and say you are part of Gene Warren's group. I did manage to get a 10% discount on the rooms. Oh, and if you are so inclined ask for the room with the ghost, spirit or loose energy! There are one or two motels in Marion if you would prefer to stay somewhere else. Please familiarize yourself with ZSCCA requirements below:

Requirements for Participation in Group Drives & ConvoysBasics of Convoy Driving Proper Use of 2-way Radios