Announcing our Second Annual

“International Super Weekend of Driving and Adventure”!!!!

What is it? - This is our chance for ALL members of the ZSCCA to take part in a drive AT AROUND THE SAME TIME!!! 

When is it? - The weekend of May 18 & 19. 

What do I do to take part in this fantastic event? - You pick the day, time, and destination. Distance and duration is not a concern.

Now…the most important part. We’re working on promoting our brand and want to share what we do on social media. We want you all to be involved in this because the ZSCCA is what it is because of each and every one of you! We want others to see the ZSCCA from your perspective and to share it on Facebook, to see photos of happy people, destination vibes, road vibes, historical site vibes, partying vibes….whatever shows the best of the ZSCCA. 

By registering, you are allowing us to achieve an official count of members who participate. The club has set a goal of 600 cars to be out on the road during this weekend event.

Your friends and neighbors will be envious! 

You’ll be a ZSCCA Hero!